LAUNCH! Pet Products! Credit Card Coming SOON!

Really exciting news from Hemp Glory!

WE ARE LIVE! We are selling Hemp Glory to the general public, and excited to share the benefits of hemp oil to everyone we can. Here are a few of our projects and what we’ve been doing so far.

Hemp Glory Pet Lovers

We’re making Pet Products. We truly believe in the healing power around Hemp and Hemp Extracts and we are bridging into bringing these benefits to your best four legged friends.

Hemp Glory Pet Lovers is out and available both on our site, and, for the first time ever, on Amazon! That way we can reach as many pets in need as possible.

We’re still on our early stages but we have more plans for pet products in the future.

Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo

We went to the CWCB Expo this past weekend. It was such an amazing, enlightening experience. We got to network with people both in the Marijuana, as well as the Hemp Oil business, and have a stronger idea of the direction we are going in.

We have an idea of new products and product lines, we learned about current legal statuses and where we land, and how other companies are processing Credit Cards and providing more convenient payment options for their customers. We’re excited to implement everything we’ve learned and get this all rolling.

Credit Card Processing

The most difficult subject to talk about. Credit Card processing has been a difficult subject for Hemp Manufacturers for years. Hemp Oil is not illegal. At all. But, because people associate Hemp and Marijuana(which is illegal), large banks would prefer not to do business with us. We are in the final steps of getting our account cleared so that we can sell to all of you. For now, we offer Bitcoin payment, as well as Mail in Check. It’s all we are able to do right now, but we’re working hard to make sure that we can reach as many people as possible.

Thank you for being patient and being awesome! We will update you all very soon.

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