Hemp Glory Premium 15mL 300mg Oil Tincture

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  • High-Dosage line for regular users or those with more extreme pain.
  • 15 ml / 300mg (2% Pure Hemp Extract)
  • Offers all the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil
  • 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Manufactured in the USA
  • Natural Flavor
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CO2 extracted and blended with cold pressed organic virgin hemp seed oil. Standard Use & Typical Serving Size Most people swallow 15 drops or more, as desired. The amount of Hemp Glory Premium that people take on a daily basis can vary greatly. It can be taken day or night, preferably after a meal.

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Weight 7 oz

15ml. – 300mg., 30ml. – 600mg., 60ml. – 1200mg.

11 reviews for Hemp Glory Premium 15mL 300mg Oil Tincture

  1. Stacey Benedict

    Ever since I’ve started taking Hemp Glory my aches and pains have shot down tremendously!! I love this product!! Definitely buying more!

  2. Tyler Balogun

    I’ve been using this for about a month now and it works GREAT!! I highly recommend it!

  3. Ricky Marin

    really fast shipping. it’s really helped me get through a hard time

  4. Jon McDonnell

    This tiny bottle is so good. I bought it thinking it was vape juice. It isn’t. But add a few drops to your regular juice and it works wonders. Tastes way better that way and it just WORKS! Im not anxious anymore. I can work full days. I wish they sold actual vape juice

  5. Shiny Chu

    This is AMAZING
    Honestly this has made my life so much better, I can’t even express how grateful I am…
    Prescription drugs and even popular hemp oil brands didn’t do what this did. This is amazing quality stuff that does amazing work and manages to still be affordable/local. I suffer from extreme insomnia and this concentrated oil finally has me sleeping — without waking up with anxiety attacks. And huge thank you to the customer service team for being so kind and understanding.

  6. Grace Young

    (Using this product for anti-inflammatory purposes)
    I have shared this with my family and they are all willing to try it now !
    The product works very quickly if you drop it under your tongue, and takes up to an hour (in my experience) if you ingest it alongside food.

  7. Rebecca Torres

    Initially, I was hesitant because of the price of the premium bottle vs the standard bottle, but I personally find it better to use the premium stuff! I need less for it to work and therefore the bottle lasts longer.

  8. Claire Hend

    I can feel the step up; to each their own on their preferences for strength but I totally just found mine!

  9. Mikaela Davis

    Small bottle packs a punch!

  10. jeanine hadgis

    Switched from the 30mL 300mg version of this and I prefer this because they’re the same price but I have to put less oil under my tongue so it’s easier to take.

  11. Nancy Wenzel

    Hemp Glory has completely changed my life. I was diagnosed with MS eight years ago, and have suffered from poor balance, neuropathy and over whelming fatigue. Since starting Hemp Glory I have retired my cane and gained energy. The pain in my feet has improved greatly.

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