Progress in the Cannabis Industry

There has been a ton of progress that has been going on in the Cannabis industry. We are getting closer and closer to a day where everyone has access to medical cannabis and having it recognized by all aspects of life.


Mitch McConnell opening discussion on Legalization of Cannabis

The Republican party has not historically been a friend to Cannabis. The Controlled Substances Act, that made Marijuana, and by extension, most Hemp, a Schedule 1 drug, was passed by Republican President Richard Nixon. But it looks like that mentality is slowly changing.


Senate Majority Leader, and Republican Senator from Kansas Mitch McConnell introduced a bill that would remove federal barriers on the growing of Hemp(Vox). Kansas has a rich farming history, and a history with tobacco. But with tobacco becoming less popular and more of the population becoming aware of all the negative effects it has on the human body, they’re looking for a new plant to grow.

Cannabis is growing as a business. Even with all the legal loopholes in the US, it has become a billion dollar industry in the space of a decade. And growth wont stop.

It is this very same growth in the industry that has allowed Hemp Glory to come onto the market and start selling our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.


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