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Coupon Codes

We have various partners on the internet, each with their own exclusive coupon code. Find your favorite Lifestyle Blogger or Youtube content creator, and see if they have one of our codes! We love seeing Hemp Glory’s news spread, and encourage anyone who would like to contact us for exclusive partnerships.

You can also sign up for our Newsletter below. We send out coupon codes at least once a month on all of our products.

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Wholesale/Bulk Orders

If you plan on buying bulk or wholesale, we’ve got you covered. Email contact@hempglory.com with “Wholesale” in the Subject, or fill out our contact form below, and we can send you information on purchasing wholesale products directly from us at a great discount.

Free shipping with coupon code “CHECK” is for check orders only. If you order through another payment method and use the coupon code “CHECK”, your order will be canceled and your money refunded.