Who We Are

“Hemp Glory was founded in Chino, California with the mission of bringing you the highest quality California grown and California bottled CBD Oil in terms of purity and consistency.”



›Hemp Glory was founded in Chino, California. Our hemp oil is derived from hemp flowers and seeds through a CO2 cold pressed extraction process. Using the highest quality hemp plants, grown in the U.S. in our state of the art interior greenhouse, this process ensures our Full Spectrum hemp oil is the purest, riches, and cleanest it can be.


Many of our competitors market oils made with pure concentrates, which are slightly cheaper, but far less effective. These concentrates lack the full range of canabanoids naturally occurring in hemp, typically consisting of only one or two canabanoids.

Our products are thoroughly tested by third party scientists so that our customers can rely on us for consistent, safe, and high quality products. Providing natural medicine for those who would like an alternative from prescription drugs, all our products are 100% legal, safe to consume, and THC-Free.