Frequent Asked Questions

Hemp is a plant in the Cannabis family. It is a strong, hardy plant. It’s more famous cousin is Marijuana. However, unlike Marijuana, Hemp does not contain what is called THC, which is the part of Marijuana that gets you high. Without the THC, Hemp is like most other plants. It can be used to make rope, paper and stationery, fuel, and, in our use, Hemp Extract and Oil!

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that helps lead a healthier life. Hemp plants contain many natural chemicals that are very beneficial to the body, and have relaxing properties. It comes out as an oil from Hemp Flowers. We use our state of the art CO2 Extraction process to extract this rich CBD Oil for use.

Hemp Oil is just that, Oil made from the Hemp Plant. It is made in a similar way as to how Olive Oil is made from olives. What makes our Hemp Oil special, is that we use the Concentrated CBD Extract in it to give it the calming effect.

Full spectrum means that our extract isn’t just a concentrate. Our extract has everything that is naturally present in Hemp. For healing, every different part of the hemp plant is useful and necessary. Every canabinoid and terpene present helps in the healing preocess, more than just CBD. You can check our Benefits page for more info on Full Spectrum, or our Certificate page for details on everything in our oil.

No. Hemp Glory provides Hemp-based products which will not induce any psychoactive effects.
See our Certificate of Analysis for our oil content. It is completely THC-Free.

Yes. The Hemp extracts from Hemp Glory are sourced from hemp, not marijuana, and is obtained legally, which allows us to ship anywhere to any person, even if they do not have a marijuana license.

Hemp Oil is considered by many to be safe. It is not psychoactive, has no known lethal dose, and exhibits no abuse potential.

Typically, the most common drug tests check for (THC), and does not detect the presence of chemicals naturally present in Hemp. Hemp Glory is proud to provide THC-free products only. However, studies have shown that eating hemp-derived foods and oils may cause positive results during drug screens. If you are subject to any form of drug testing or screening, we recommend that you DO NOT ingest any hemp-based products or supplements.

-Fill the dropper with the desired amount of oil, place the serving under your tongue. Hold for a few seconds. Take a few deep breaths. Then swallow.

-Taking the oil under your tongue, as opposed to swallowing, is more effective as it allows speedy absorption into your bloodstream

-You can also place a few drops into your food or drink for diluted effects(over a slightly longer period of time)