Hemp Glory Pet Lovers Oil Tincture

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  • All Natural Hemp Oil will help any pet.
  • Offers all the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil for your best animal friends
  • 100% Organic, Non-GMO
  • Manufactured in the USA

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Our All-Natural, Organic Pet Blend Hemp Oil is specially formulated to help you provide the best care for your four legged best friends. This Soothing, Calming Blend of Hemp and Hempseed Oil will aid any animal with pain, stress, aches, pains; and give your pet the quality of life they deserves. All our bottles are processed in the US and tested to ensure the highest quality product is always shipped out, and that your furry friends will be well taken care of.

Dosage Guide:

Cats: 2 Drops (.1ml)
Dogs 20-55lbs: 6 Drops (.3ml)
Dogs over 55lbs: 12 drops (.6ml)

Directions: Oil can be given to pet directily by mouth or put in their food. Whichever method works best for your pet.

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9 reviews for Hemp Glory Pet Lovers Oil Tincture

  1. Jason Smith

    This little vial has helped my old doggy walk and run again ^.^

  2. Charles Lee

    This has really helped my dog with anxiety. This is a very good product.

  3. Susie Cue

    Amazing product. Worked wonders on my pup!

  4. Lauren Chu

    My kitty is getting old, and not going out as much. I started adding two drops on her wet food last week. She’s acting like how she used to. I’m so happy to see my kitty getting her life back.

  5. Alberto Ortiz

    My doggy was having seizures like every 3 days. Our vet mentioned that CBD exists, but he didn’t have any. I’ve been adding a few drops to Lucio’s wet food and he seems like a new dog. No seizures in a month. I’m so glad I get to keep my old friend a while longer.

  6. Katie Ta

    After moving to my new apartment in the city, my dog started to become much more easily scared of noises in general — doors slamming, footsteps, ambulances, you name it. A friend recommended I try hemp oil and this has helped immensely, especially when I have to leave him alone. It’s a fantastic crutch to help him slowly adjust to the city life!! He’s so much happier and he’s back to eating and behaving normally.

  7. Anna Exposito

    I was recommended this brand by a friend and I like it. But, my dog is 7 months and I don’t think she actually needs it just yet. It does calm her down and such but I’m going to wait until she’s older to see if she needs it as a supplement or not..

  8. Jen V.

    I never write reviews, but I tried this on my spazz of a golden and I think it REALLY helped him out.
    He’s usually okay with my other dogs at home but if he’s ever separated, he’s paralyzed with anxiety; I once had to carry him an entire block because a passing truck scared him on our walk and he just refused to move. I don’t use this often, but I will sometimes bc I cant’t stand seeing my dog that freaked out all the time. So THANK YOU hemp glory I really REALLY appreciate it

  9. Marybeth S.

    ((happy halloween!!)) this tincture was a pleasant TREAT for my cat

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