Hemp Glory Standard 30mL 300mg Oil Tincture

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  • 1 Dropper Bottle, 30ml(1 Fl. oz.) with 300mg Pure Hemp Extract
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Made in the USA
  • Natural Flavor
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This is our best selling bottle. It is a great starting or everyday dose. A few drops under your tongue will definitely help change the way you go about your day.

Standard Use & Typical Serving Size Most people swallow 10-15 drops, but you can vary your dose as needed. It can be taken day or night, preferably after a meal.

Shake well before you, and keep stored in a dark, dry place.

Independent Lab Test Certificate of Analysis

Additional information

Weight 7 oz

30ml. – 300mg., 60ml. – 600 mg.

16 reviews for Hemp Glory Standard 30mL 300mg Oil Tincture

  1. Jake Lee

    I’ve lived with anxiety for years and it never got easy to live with until I started taking Hemp Glory! It’s not only lowered my episodes but when I do have an episode they are now shorter than before! I highly recommend Hemp Glory to those that are on the fence.

  2. Jennifer Herrera

    I had been dealing with this pain in my ankle for months now. I found Hemp Glory and now taking it daily has made me completely forget about that pain. This is a life changer for me.

  3. Rubi Hernandez

    I ordered a vial off eBay a month or two ago and it just ran out. Came back here and reordered. I feel a lot better. My anxiety feels like it’s halved and I am soaring at work.

  4. Catherine Lopez

    Found these on eBay. I’ve been buying for 3 months now. I love it, and they always ship incredibly fast.

  5. Jenn Quill

    I got a bottle for my mom, and she won’t stop telling all her friends. It’s really helped her out and let her enjoy her retirement so much more.

  6. Monique Johnson (verified owner)

    This is letting me live my best life. I got hurt at a warehouse and nothing could help me. I ordered this and now im livin again. A+. Tastes terrible but its medicine and it helps.

  7. Daniel Maese

    Nice, works like CBD vape but you don’t smoke it.

  8. Anonymous Me

    I was hesitant to get this size over the smaller standard (100ml) but this seems a lot more worth it, even for a trial, just in case I decided to keep it. I googled the effects of CBD and other than the calming stuff it’s usually known for, it’s supposed to help with depression. My therapist never mentioned it, but I really thought I’d give it a try. I’m doing well and I’m grateful because I think it’s working for me right now.

  9. Daniel P.K.

    A star off because I had to use more than the standard/recommended dosage for my pinched nerve, so maybe I will try the premium versions instead. Although it may just be because I need higher dosages. Friendly customer service.

  10. Jacquie

    I don’t have any pain or anxiety to speak of but I use this because hemp is supposed to have anti-cancer properties. I’m genetically predisposed to gastric and thyroid cancer and I haven’t been diagnosed as of yet (fingers crossed never). Always better to be safe!

  11. Dylan S

    Impressed with this product! Surprised that it works alongside ,my medications with no adverse side effects.

  12. Cybill Mendes

    I travel for work and have difficulty readjusting to time zones making getting up for work and being fully there for work very difficult — hemp glory has fixed that for me and I am able to bounce back much quicker.

  13. Olivia Hayes

    my doctor recommended this brand to me for joint pain

  14. Callie C.

    I don’t use this for the health effects so my review is based on its relaxing qualities:
    I take a double dose of this an hour before my flights (I have aerophobia) significantly counteracts my reaction; I can even get some sleep without am ambien or nyquil finally. It’s weird essentially drinking oil, but better than taking a pill! I also feel better about the fact that it’s supposed to be good for my health. Would recommend to my friends who need this.

  15. sloane

    Great supplement! Fair price! I share a bottle with my cat, whom benefits from the antiinflamatory and coming properties. I benefit from not having to clean up his “accidents” EVER when I constantly give it to him.. and it helps my anxiety and nausea. Great mg to start with.

  16. Kurt R.

    I found this product googling the internet. I bought the one ounce 300mg bottle. I must say that of all the other brands i have tried, this is the one that works for me. I like that it works quickly on my shoulder pain. I also think it is the best tasting. Time to order more.

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