Hemp Glory Standard 30mL 100mg Oil Tincture

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  • 1 Dropper Bottle, 30ml(1 Fl. oz.) with 100mg Pure Hemp Extract
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Made in the USA
  • Natural Flavor
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Our lower dose oil is perfect for anyone starting out with Hemp. A few drops a day will make every day feel fresh and new.

Standard Use & Typical Serving Size Most people swallow 10-15 drops, but you can vary your dose as needed. It can be taken day or night, preferably after a meal.

Shake well before you, and keep stored in a dark, dry place.

Independent Lab Test Certificate of Analysis

Additional information

Weight 7 oz

30ml. – 300mg., 60ml. – 600 mg.

17 reviews for Hemp Glory Standard 30mL 100mg Oil Tincture

  1. Julie Alacron

    This has really helped me with my back pains. This is a very good product.

  2. Tom Atkinson

    Excellent starting bottle. I was apprehensive about trying Hemp oil because of the associations, but my word has it helped. I just wish I would have gotten a higher dose to start. I sleep far better now that my back isn’t killing me.

  3. Andie Andson

    Excellent product. This really help take my pain away.

  4. Steph Rodgers

    I’ve been using the 300 standard for a bit, but I wanted something a bit less concentrated. I’m tiny so I don’t need a lot. The 100 is perfect and lets me get the medicine I need for cheaper.

  5. Katie Ta

    I ordered this mostly because I got the pet version for my dog and I wanted to make sure it was okay to use on my dog. It’s actually a really nice, calming, oil. I’ve been really stressed with my new job and this is like 5 cups of camomile worth of de-stressing. (fyi it doesn’t taste fantastic, but I mix it in some tea and add some lemon and it masks it well!)

  6. Kim Verner

    I truly love this! I’ve always been a skeptic but this has earned a spot in my supplement cabinet alongside my collagen (that’s how awesome this is). I feel like it’s a super mild supplement everyone with stressors in their life should take (which is like everyone)! I really wasn’t expecting much, and I’m sure the higher concentrations of this is like more effective and stronger but I honestly feel like this is so perfect for what I need. I like to pack all of my supplements into a smoothie and this is literally the best!! It ships like really fast when I need it, but it took me about two months to get through the first bottle so it’s p worth it imo

  7. Aric

    I very much prefer this dosage over the 300mg dosage, this amount is perfect. I only use it when needed so it lasts me a while too.

  8. Derick R

    Overall impressed with the comparably low price/refined quality of these oils. I use this for pain relief of sore and pulled muscles.

  9. Spencer

    A great starter size to test out the product. It’s a good price for full spectrum oils compared to other brands so I’m satisfied.

  10. N. Young

    I have severe anxiety and depression and my meds have terrible side effects on me. When I’m having better days I’ll swap them out for this. It truly improves my quality of life. I think I’ll try the stronger %s and see if I can use it more often.

  11. Alisha McNulty

    10/10 would recommend

  12. L. Wilson

    This has a soothing effect. I wanted to test it out and see if it helps a with my ADD and OCD. While it doesn’t necessarily treat, I think the CBD helps with the anxiety associated with trying to control my OCD. On the other hand, I think it also keeps me calmer when it comes to my ADD… Not a treatment – but definitely positive.

  13. Kelsa Enegram

    OK honestly, I don’t even taste the oil I don’t know what everyone means. The best way to describe it is like sticking some olive oil in your mouth and then holding it and then swallowing.
    As for effectiveness, I was pretty iffy about it because I didn’t feel anything or notice any effects at first. But, I consistently took the dosage for a week and then on like day 8 or 9 I began to notice the effects. I began sleeping pretty much exactly when I wanted to without tossing and turning and going on Instagram for an hour. And it’s a deep, rested sleep so when I wake up and go to work I’m not already exhausted. I think I’m actually going to buy a bunch of these as stocking stuffers this year!!

  14. Genny Moskovitz

    I ended up returning this because I think I’m allergic to CBD, but 5 stars for wonderful and easy customer service! Appreciated the trial.

  15. Jimmy Sykes

    the oil at first was great .but then it got weak and didn’t work as well. if it is good i will order more . i love the first bottle

  16. J Vayburn

    I couldn’t taste the oil at first but then I could kind of pick out the subtle hemp flavor. Interesting, but not bad, just a little more noticeable. As far as medications/supplements go, this is pretty painless and easy to take. I’ve smoked weed so that’s probably why I don’t really feel the CBD, or the dosage is lower than my tolerance, but I like that it’s healthy and doesn’t give you a high.

  17. Katie C.

    I admit I was a huge skeptic when it came to CBD products, but this has been such a blessing for my anxiety and my near weekly panic attacks. The customer service over email was very helpful and I appreciated the trial in case it didn’t work for me!

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